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LW Architectural Glass is the leading manufacturer of specialist glass products in the United Kingdom, with a strong focus on the bespoke requirements of Architects, Engineers, Main Contractors, Glass Designers and Architectural Metalworkers.


Our Hayes, West London factory and processing facility houses an extensive range of modern production equipment including the ability to laminate glass up to a maximum size of 12m x 3.2m. We also have the capacity to manufacture oversized double glazed units (size subject to glass build up). Most of these units can incorporate painted banding, mesh inter-layer, solar-control and low E, all sealed with structural silicone or standard silicone. Through our partners we supply curved and laminated units also with low emissivity coatings.


We collaborate with our customers to provide a proactive approach with a broad based project experience and expertise.


With our new convection toughening furnace we can now toughen or heat strengthen on site up to 4.5m x 2.1m. Complementing this, we now offer heat soaking up to 4.2m x 2.1m.






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Toughen Own Glass now at LW Architechtural Glass

LW Architectural Glass adds Toughen Own Glass service with addition of new Convection Furnace and heat soaking oven


LW Architectural Glass has installed a new convection furnace and heat soaking oven in their production facility based in Hayes, West London, offering an alternative to their customers from the beginning of March 2015. Customers can now drop off their own glass stocks at the factory and then collect the toughened or heat strengthened product.


The EFCO Furnace will enable toughening from 4mm to 19mm to BS EN 12150 and has had a convection system installed in order to assist with the production of soft coated glass. The furnace will toughen glass up to a maximum size of 4,500 x 2,100mm. Heat Soaked Oven sizes up 4,200 x 2,100mm.


David Glossop, Managing Director of LW Architectural Glass, said: “We have found through our own experience that there was significant pressure in the glass toughening market, which was impacting on many of our customer’s lead and delivery times. As part of our mission to become a full-service glass manufacturing company, we felt that acquiring the ability to provide an in-house glass toughening service would benefit many of our customers.”


For further information about this new service see www.lwglass.co.uk/toughen-own-glass.html and for prices, call the team on 0208 573 7332.